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Urban Farming 101: How To Start An Urban Farm
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Location: Culver City ir ao mapa. Includes: Comida, Drinques e Equipamentos. O que faremos. You see friends posting pictures of vegetable patches in their own back yards or raised beds on their front porches. Their secret is that there is no secret!


With just a little bit of knowledge, you too can grow vegetables at home! We'll start at the beginning; First I'll take you on a tour of our mini farm to get you oriented with our space and answer any initial questions. I can accommodate larger groups if necessary! Also we can teach on days other than Sunday.

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Just as send us a message and we can adjust our calendar for you. You can:. Open by default keeps innovation unlocked: providing a platform for development. We welcome enquiries from those interested in joining us so do get in touch or view more details on what being a partner means. E-mail: enquiries godan. Open Data and Farming Share this research.

Who can use open data? What data? How does open data benefit farmers? Taking farming to the next level There is a lot of talk right now about how data will drive change in agriculture. You can: Find out about the open data that might already be available to support your decision making; Join the campaign for key data and information to be accessible to all; Join the discussions about collaborative and cooperative approaches to managing the availability, ownership and use of farm-level data.

Farming 101

Questions to ask: When you hear about a new data-driven innovation in farming and agriculture, ask yourself: Where does the data come from? Is it from a public source? Who will have access to the data?

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The prefix agro- refers to agriculture. Keep your storage area dark , but with temperatures not below freezing. Add the first question. Immature vegetables and fruits will rot quickly. It is crucial to know that not all commercial livestock facilities are allowed in all areas. S he does not have the experience to control all the costs and produce an average product at an attractive price.

Will others be able to innovate further on top of the data collected? How else could this data be used? Other related contents Report cover. Read more.

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Event dates:. Open data. Creating FAIR and open agricultural data ecosystems. It is World Food Day and the FAO is calling on people from various sectors and professions worldwide to join forces and commit to achieving Zero Hunger. This means working together to ensure everyone, everywhere, has access to the safe, GODAN area:.

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Food security. The conference took place from 11th to 12th October.

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