Men Die Young, Women Dont Care: How to Improve Mens Health

Why Guys Die Sooner
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Tony Dokoupil on the advertising push that could make men as healthy as women—and even make America competitive in the 21st century. Guys who eat junk food, don't wear sunscreen, or go to the doctor when they're sick are seen as real men , but their attitudes are sending them to an early grave. During drive time one afternoon this spring, a Boston National Public Radio station tried to drum up interest in men's health , a subject that proved poorly matched for a chat show.

Just two callers phoned in during the minute segment. One, "Jeff," asked a tongue-in-cheek question about "man-colds.

Five minutes with ... a men's health consultant

A century ago, men and women lived for roughly the same number of years. Now guys die more than five years sooner than their average female counterparts.

That means a city of men the size of Miami perishes every year while a comparable city of women survives in good health. During their early twenties, three times as many men die as women. By retirement age, there are only 85 silver foxes for every golden girls. Men today just don't take care of themselves, making the single biggest demographic risk factor for early death manhood itself.


There's no reason for this, says Denise Hines, an assistant professor of psychology at Clark University in Massachusetts who is keen to narrow the gap between male and female death rates. In a new report recently presented to Bay State lawmakers, Hines and a team of colleagues from Clark and elsewhere called for the creation of a state Men's Health Commission, aimed at raising awareness of the male condition—and sanding away its deadlier edges. As a society, she says, we treat men's poor health as inevitable.

In a world where men still have it easy, in many respects, it might be tempting to dismiss all this as a boo-hoo problem, a whiny extension of the men's rights movement, or false victimization. But there are "massive hidden costs" to the status quo, Hines warns, and major benefits to improving men's health. Making them as healthy as women, researchers have found, would save more years of life than curing cancer, snap the health-care cost curve, ease the federal welfare burden, and goose an economy that itself seems half-dead.

Far from a luxury issue, in fact, addressing the hazards of manhood may be exactly what an aging America needs to be competitive in the 21st century—or at least save countless women from an all-girls' retirement life. Some officials have already begun to catch on. In the last decade, six states have formed men's health commissions or comparable organizations, thanks in part to lobbying by the Men's Health Network, a Washington, D. The Maryland commission disbanded last year and New Hampshire's may soon suffer the same fate.

Men's Health & Wellness: Dr. David Thiel's Top Tips

Men are generally less likely to be proactive in seeking healthcare, resulting in poorer health outcomes. Biological influences on lower male life expectancies include genetics and hormones. For males, the 23rd pair of chromosomes are an X and a Y chromosome , rather than the two X chromosomes in females. This distinction may contribute to the discrepancy between men and women's life expectancy, as the additional X chromosome in females may counterbalance potential disease producing genes from the other X chromosome.

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Men die younger than women yet even men do not seem to be alarmed by this. While we encourage women to continue to improve their health, we desperately. men die young women dont care how to improve mens health ebook gerardo hizon md samantha carnesecca in kindle store men die young women dont care​.

Since males don't have the second X chromosome, they lack this potential protection. In terms of behavioural factors, men have higher levels of consumption of alcohol, substances, and tobacco compared to women, resulting in increased rates of diseases such as lung cancer , cardiovascular disease , and cirrhosis of the liver. For example, according to the World Health Organization, 3.

Men are more likely than women to engage in over 30 risky behaviours associated with increased morbidity, injury, and mortality.

Social determinants of men's health involve factors such as greater levels of occupational exposure to physical and chemical hazards than women. It was established originally by the Royal College of Nursing but became completely independent of the RCN when it was established as a charity in The first UK week took place in , and the event went international International Men's Health Week the following year.

In Australia, the Men's Health Information and Resource Centre advocates a salutogenic approach to male health which focuses on the causal factors behind health. The Centre is led by John Macdonald and was established in In , the Toronto Men's Health Network was founded by Joe Jacobs, who helped bring attention to the importance of men's health in Canada's largest city.

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The organization has held Men's Health Forums annually, including where the guest speaker, Canadian Senator Wilbert Keon , spoke of the importance of men's cardiovascular health. Presently, the organization is being led by James Hodgins. It remains the oldest and most recognized Men's Health advocacy organization in Canada, with other organizations starting to appear in British Columbia and the Maritime provinces. The majority of men's health issues can be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyles.

Established in , MHN is a non-profit educational organization comprising physicians, researchers, public health workers, other health professionals, and individuals.

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Instituto Promundo was founded in Brazil in and aims to collaborate with men and boys to change harmful gender norms related to manhood and unequal power dynamics. They also have the goal of engaging men and boys to work in partnership with women, girls and individuals of all gender identities to advance gender equity. It is a collaborative initiative to bring together men's health organizations from across the globe into a new global network. GAMH is working at international and national levels to encourage international agencies such as the World Health Organization and individual governments to develop research, policies and strategies on men's health.

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Men Die Young Women Don't Care: How to Improve Men's Health

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